A bugbear of mine! Not printing enough.

Yes a ‘bugbear’ ! Definition ‘a cause of obsessive fear, anxiety, or irritation’ now I don’t know about the first two but its definitely an irritation of mine that i’m also guilty of ….



Yep I’m guilty of this ….or was as in the last few months of last year I got my finger out. Now what brought me to put up a little blog about this is three things, the first is I recieved a text msg from a ‘mother’ who I had photographed her daughter about year and a half ago and only in the last few weeks had she finally gotten around to getting my images printed and had sent me a picture message to show me :


Secondly and what started off my ‘get your images printed’ process was my wife was in hospital having our second child and her birthday was the same time, now those of you who know me know I’ve bought my wife almost everything :p  but I was really stuck this time on what to get her ,Id seen a picture she had on her phone with a saying in the middle and images above it ,so that got me thinking and long story short I came up with this

I knew I was onto a winner when my wife saw it and cried ,at first I though because I had written/painted on the wall 🙂

At the time of course I had no images of our new addition but I’ve since updated that at xmas :


And thirdly ,If you have one of those family members like my mother who is constantly walking around after her grandchildren with camera in hand and promising to ‘drop into Boots to get them printed’…it wrecks my head ,so as a xmas present for her I copied all her images on her camera ,all 150, and uploaded them to Photobox.ie got them printed out in 6×4 size ,So I asked a friend of mine to pick up 10 white small 6×4 frames in Ikea (better give him a mention for all the hard work he did 🙂 ), put ten of the images into the frames in the hope she would put one in the centre of her wall and build around it with the rest and build and build as her grand kids get older, but now she has to get the wall painted before she puts them up 🙂 ….. Irish mothers !

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  1. Paul Timon January 28, 2014 at 1:07 pm #

    Picked them up in IKEA? Cool …..

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