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Fiona and Kevin

A small world…


Fiona and Kevin came to me from a friend of theirs who’s wedding I had shot, Our inital meeting was in a coffee shop in Blanchardstown where we are both from ,after we had discussed people and places from that area that we knew we got down to taking about their wedding and the pre wedding shoot that I do, “we dont want posed or cheesy photos” I remeber Fiona saying , If I had a euro for everytime somebody said that to me 🙂 ,I think I managed to quell their fears somewhat and came up with these images from the shoot on Dollymount :

F and K-8

F and K-4F and K-5

Ok so I did get a tad cheesy , But I think it works and I like the images 😉

F and K-11 F and K-12


So along came the wedding day in Ballina and Fiona was getting ready in the beautiful Falcon hotel and It really was a small world as when I arrived I relaised that I was on the same hurling team (once or twice) with her father ,Its always nice shooting a wedding when you know more than the bride and Groom

Web layout 1 web layout 2



The lads didn’t disappoint either in getting ready and there was a super hero theme which will feature in a image later on :


web layout 3 web layout 4

After the church I usually make my way to to an agreed point or the hotel with the bride and groom to start their wedding images , Fiona and Kevin had a different idea …..

FnK Bookie


The thing I was most shocked at with the two above images is that with a jam packed bookies ,money everywhere behind the counter ,they just let me in to take these images …… I must just have one of those faces.

Theres a little lake area beside the castle in Ballina that the couple had suggested was nice and they weren’t wrong

Lake 1Lake 2

Ok so the final two images came about from the groom as he had a Super Hero theme and as you can see from the images above it was well thought out ,we had discussed at our first meeting that he had an idea with super hero T-shirts under the suits and wanted a photo with them on and this is what we came up with

Super Hero Tshirts

Super Hero Tshirts

And then at this point we put the Fiona and the bridesmaids in and came up with an image that I think is brilliant




A veil a ladder a church roof and me !

Laura and Damien at Cabra Castle.

So after each wedding I like to do a little blog on the previous wedding Ive just done ,the quirks, the funny moments, Images I like and explanation of a particular shot we set up but this blog will be slightly different .So what happened was …… well it involves me a ladder a church roof and a wedding veil

Sure watch it here

Above & beyond the call of duty… from Shay Casserley on Vimeo.

So as we watched the veil role around wondering if it would blow off the roof and back to us I thought to myself ‘well nobody inside knows if the bride is wearing a veil or not and her hair was perfect so we’ll probably get away with no veil’ but no sooner had a I thought this I heard Laura (the bride) saying ‘Im not going in without my veil” fair enough so only one thing for it- Off to the priest I go to get a ladder and to cut a long story short ,Yep thats me on top ,I got it back, It was dried off and the ceremony continued.

I think it was the only time a photographer was mentioned in the wedding speeches ,which was quit humbling and a very big thank you for that.


So here is the rest of that amazing day which I surely will never forget 🙂

A bugbear of mine! Not printing enough.

Yes a ‘bugbear’ ! Definition ‘a cause of obsessive fear, anxiety, or irritation’ now I don’t know about the first two but its definitely an irritation of mine that i’m also guilty of ….



Yep I’m guilty of this ….or was as in the last few months of last year I got my finger out. Now what brought me to put up a little blog about this is three things, the first is I recieved a text msg from a ‘mother’ who I had photographed her daughter about year and a half ago and only in the last few weeks had she finally gotten around to getting my images printed and had sent me a picture message to show me :


Secondly and what started off my ‘get your images printed’ process was my wife was in hospital having our second child and her birthday was the same time, now those of you who know me know I’ve bought my wife almost everything :p  but I was really stuck this time on what to get her ,Id seen a picture she had on her phone with a saying in the middle and images above it ,so that got me thinking and long story short I came up with this

I knew I was onto a winner when my wife saw it and cried ,at first I though because I had written/painted on the wall 🙂

At the time of course I had no images of our new addition but I’ve since updated that at xmas :


And thirdly ,If you have one of those family members like my mother who is constantly walking around after her grandchildren with camera in hand and promising to ‘drop into Boots to get them printed’…it wrecks my head ,so as a xmas present for her I copied all her images on her camera ,all 150, and uploaded them to got them printed out in 6×4 size ,So I asked a friend of mine to pick up 10 white small 6×4 frames in Ikea (better give him a mention for all the hard work he did 🙂 ), put ten of the images into the frames in the hope she would put one in the centre of her wall and build around it with the rest and build and build as her grand kids get older, but now she has to get the wall painted before she puts them up 🙂 ….. Irish mothers !

A wedding with an interest.

Sarah and Niall


So I had a vested interest in shooting this wedding as Sarah is the sister of one of my best friends ,so I’ve known her and her family a long time and at one of our first meetings I got to meet Niall ,who I had heard about but never met, so being a big GAA family it was clear from the start that the pre wedding shoot was going to have some sort of GAA theme to it ,so with a bit of string pulling we managed to get a shoot done here900px-Croke_Park_from_the_hillYep Croker before the start of one of the matches and early enough so that there wasn’t any one in the stadium , we also got another surprise when we arrived as we were allowed to shoot with Sam so here is a few images that we captured :


I knew this was going to be a good wedding for images as the couple were up for anything ,shoot wise, and I wasn’t wrong ,as these are  probably two of my favourite images from the day


The Westgrove were they had their reception was a great venue for us to shoot in as you can see from the stairs above that’s what hits you as you enter the hotel ,plus it was lots of great little areas and mezzanines to shoot the bride and groom like these






Ill include some of there photobooth images in a different blog 😉


First blog post so go easy…

So….. My first ever blog which when setting up this web site I swore I’d never need as ‘who’d want to read the ramblings of an idiot’ but after a marketing course recently ,which ill go into detail later, I’ve realised if I want and need this to grow I need more interaction with my site other than putting up the odd wedding or studio image.
But don’t worry I’m not going to go into boring detail of my daily life or bore you with general camera equipment geekiness ,I think Ill go more into how I get on at shoots and weddings ,a more behind the scenes that the camera might not catch.

So why did I start, Well in naive photography land, where I was living, I thought people would drop by my web site or facebook page and it would grow slowly (yes I can hear you laugh from here) So I got a chance to do a one day photography marketing course with Striking Images and Cormac at Striking Images laid out his stall very early on and told us at what angle he came from when he approached weddings both in business and photography, he was very honest and open, something which I admire in anyone, he told us the tips and tricks, that he uses, of all aspects of wedding photography, what we should be doing in terms of ‘getting yourself out there’, web media, interaction with your clients etc. The little bits that I did know/do was an affirmation from a ‘seasoned’ photographer (hope he won’t mind that reference) and the rest that I didn’t know was a real eye opener.

So what can you expect  : 

Well I’ll be revisiting weddings/studio sessions that I’ve done and writing a few thoughts on each, purely because I enjoy what I’ve done and am doing and as I said telling the stories the camera can’t catch, I’ll stick a bio of myself up and a testimonials of brides and models, this I’ll probably struggle with as being Irish we’re not used to getting pats on the back or saying ‘your photography is great’ ,but I want to give this web site a ‘human’ feel to it and needs must.

So …enjoy….


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