First blog post so go easy…

So….. My first ever blog which when setting up this web site I swore I’d never need as ‘who’d want to read the ramblings of an idiot’ but after a marketing course recently ,which ill go into detail later, I’ve realised if I want and need this to grow I need more interaction with my site other than putting up the odd wedding or studio image.
But don’t worry I’m not going to go into boring detail of my daily life or bore you with general camera equipment geekiness ,I think Ill go more into how I get on at shoots and weddings ,a more behind the scenes that the camera might not catch.

So why did I start, Well in naive photography land, where I was living, I thought people would drop by my web site or facebook page and it would grow slowly (yes I can hear you laugh from here) So I got a chance to do a one day photography marketing course with Striking Images and Cormac at Striking Images laid out his stall very early on and told us at what angle he came from when he approached weddings both in business and photography, he was very honest and open, something which I admire in anyone, he told us the tips and tricks, that he uses, of all aspects of wedding photography, what we should be doing in terms of ‘getting yourself out there’, web media, interaction with your clients etc. The little bits that I did know/do was an affirmation from a ‘seasoned’ photographer (hope he won’t mind that reference) and the rest that I didn’t know was a real eye opener.

So what can you expect  : 

Well I’ll be revisiting weddings/studio sessions that I’ve done and writing a few thoughts on each, purely because I enjoy what I’ve done and am doing and as I said telling the stories the camera can’t catch, I’ll stick a bio of myself up and a testimonials of brides and models, this I’ll probably struggle with as being Irish we’re not used to getting pats on the back or saying ‘your photography is great’ ,but I want to give this web site a ‘human’ feel to it and needs must.

So …enjoy….


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  1. Wedding Photographer May 4, 2019 at 11:46 am #

    Hi Darren Johnson,
    Congratulations for your first blog.Thank you.

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