A veil a ladder a church roof and me !

Laura and Damien at Cabra Castle.

So after each wedding I like to do a little blog on the previous wedding Ive just done ,the quirks, the funny moments, Images I like and explanation of a particular shot we set up but this blog will be slightly different .So what happened was …… well it involves me a ladder a church roof and a wedding veil

Sure watch it here

Above & beyond the call of duty… from Shay Casserley on Vimeo.

So as we watched the veil role around wondering if it would blow off the roof and back to us I thought to myself ‘well nobody inside knows if the bride is wearing a veil or not and her hair was perfect so we’ll probably get away with no veil’ but no sooner had a I thought this I heard Laura (the bride) saying ‘Im not going in without my veil” fair enough so only one thing for it- Off to the priest I go to get a ladder and to cut a long story short ,Yep thats me on top ,I got it back, It was dried off and the ceremony continued.

I think it was the only time a photographer was mentioned in the wedding speeches ,which was quit humbling and a very big thank you for that.


So here is the rest of that amazing day which I surely will never forget 🙂

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